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How awesome that our virtual realities intersect! There must be a very good reason for it, because there is no such thing as coincidence ;)

Hi conscious & awake galactic citizen and/or conscious entrepreneur!
Are you, just like me, fascinated by everything related to consciousness, wellbeing and human potential? And/or do you create products or services that contribute to the consciousness and wellbeing of its users? Are you also aware of the powerful synergy between online & offline?

Then you've come to the right place!

'My passion is at the cutting edge of consciousness & computer technology, in relation to wellbeing & human potential.'

Welcome in the wondrous world of Holistic Hacking, Consciousness Hacking and Soulvalley...

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Hi conscious and awake galactic citizen!

Are you, just like me, fascinated by everything related to consciousness, wellbeing and human potential? And are you also interested in the role exponential technologies play in this? Like Virtual Reality, AI, Nanotech, Serious Gaming, Quantified Self etc. Do you love Science Fiction? Or should I say Science 'Facts'? The Matrix is my all time favorite.

Does your research into yourself, the world and the universe exceed the boundaries of that which is shared in mainstream media and education? Then you've come to the right place, check out my virtual platform Soulvalley and my live Consciousness Hacking events! 


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Consciousness Hacking

To bridge the gap between consciousness and (computer)technology I organize live events on a regular basis, by the name of Consciousness Hacking. A world wide community in which I get to represent The Netherlands.


Boek lancering 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn

Wil je ook aanwezig zijn bij de overhandiging van het 1e exemplaar van mijn boek 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn'? Deze is vers van de pers en deze ..

Holistic Consultant

Do you offer products and/ or services that contribute to the consciousness, wellbeing and personal development of its users? Then I look forward to getting to know you and contribute to the success, impact and visibility of the important work that you do :) 

I use best of both the virtual and the analog world, online and offline in synergy. Creating custom made online products, services and gadgets together with a personal and heartfelt touch. See below for an impression, click on the icons for more details: 

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