My name is Yfke Laanstra

My passion is at the cutting edge of consciousness, 
computer technology 
and human potential.

But who am I? That's a very good question. THE question i started asking myself around the age of 20. 

This unlocked a whole new level in my Game of Life and led me on a fascinating adventure, from The Netherlands to Belgium to England to New York and back. In which I explored the interaction between my mind, body and soul and the connection between my inner world and the cosmos. This journey took place on multiple levels and resulted in a full revision of my reality and world view and the recognition and remembrance of my true nature and full potential

Growth and development, evolution and transformation nourish my soul, I can't live without it. I was born with a boundless curiosity, a need for research, open mind and a clear vision.

My mission is to provide alternative perspectives, pull away blinders and shake world views.

You can wake me up in the middle of the night for an in depth conversation on quantum physics, DNA, multidimensionality, nutrition for body & soul, sacred geometry and ancient civilizations. Apart from that I'm fascinated by everything computer technology related, our future and the virtual reality. I'm online 24/7, in multiple ways.

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You can find more on my background and education through my LinkedIn profile. Would you like to meet me, work with me, invite me to speak? Feel free to contact me.

Member of The HeartMath Institute, the Dutch Future Society and Dutch representative of the Consciousness Hacking community.