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We are living in truly exciting times. In which technology is enabling us to reach deeper, aim higher and go further than any human has ever been before. We are able to create synthetic life, edit our genetic blueprint, build quantum supercomputers, enter virtual worlds of galactic proportions and infuse all of this with Artificial Intelligence.

This is rapidly and irreversibly changing the world we live in and invites each and everyone of us to ask ourselves these questions: 'what is this reality I find myself in, what is it comprised of and how do I navigate it?' And even more so: 'who am I and what does it mean to truly be Human in this High Tech world?' #knowthyself

'Today, being Human is the biggest act of heroism'

Join me on a Hero's Journey: step out of your comfort zone, boost your #consciousness, (re)activate your #innertechnology , shift your #perception and imagineer your own future_

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From Orbiter
Part one of a three-part series. In each part, I will examine one uniquely human characteristic that is central to our flourishing and explore its relevance to contemporary and future technologies. This part describes the uniquely human penchant for sociality and explores the social-technological landscape with an eye toward the social robots of the future.
From Orbiter
Part two of a three-part series on human flourishing and our biotechnological future. Here we explore the human need for meaning and how that might work in the artificial reality systems of the future.