Of course I also wanted to create an app to accompany my book 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn', at the cutting edge of computer technology and human potential. So reading my book becomes a multidimensional reading experience.
Well, here it is!


'On average we're checking our phones every six minutes. Let's make sure we're looking at something inspirational, don't you agree?'

app content

This app provides you, via your smart phone, with additional information about my book 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn'  by means of short clips, online documentaries, infographics, events, gadgets, articles and sites that match the content of this book. Topics such as:

  • Quantum Physics;
  • Human potential;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Heart intelligence;
  • Transhumanism;
  • The Matrix;
  • Humanity;
  • Radiation & health;
  • Transformative technologies;
  • Holistic Hacking.

How does it work

Each following day after you've installed the app you'll receive a notification on your screen mentioning there is new content available in the app. Under 'settings' you can set the time of these notifications. Each item consists of a short intro with an image and a link. All content can be shared via social media. All items are saved in the 'history' tab, so you can revisit or reshare them whenever you want.

By means of an app icon on specific pages the In the book 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn' you know when there is relevant additional content available in the app. 

where can i find this?

This free app is available for both Apple and Android smart phones. Go to the Google Play store or the Apple store and look for 'Soulvalley' and download the app straight to your smart phone. When you sign up for my News Update you'll automatically receive the correct download links in your mailbox. Or simply click on the app store icons below:


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