Quantum Hacking

Yfke Laanstra

Isaac Newton was the founder of the tangible, measurable view of reality. Where we use our senses to confirm what we think we perceive through measurable perception. In short: a Newtonian reality loop. Matter, however, is estimated to make up only four percent of the universe, 96 percent is dark space. In other words, the mainly empty space within atoms. Isn't that a bizarre fact? In addition, our DNA apparently consists largely of junk DNA (92%), obsolete and useless DNA. Really? Our cosmos consists largely of dark matter and so-called black holes, our body and brain largely of water.
I find it fascinating to see how mainstream science tries to interpret or reject what apparently goes far beyond our material view of reality. In any case, we can only see a fraction of the enormous light spectrum, of the entire 'reality'. When something consists of energy frequencies that exceed our visual spectrum, we cannot see it with our naked eye. Just like a radio station in a certain area will have no range, you won't have reception here, but the radio station is very much present in the aether. The fact that something is not visible, measurable or fully understandable to a scientific eye does not mean, however, that it has no function or is of no or minor importance. There is more that we do not understand with our brain or can perceive with our modern measuring equipment or our senses than we do. The empty space between the atoms, for example, consists of an incredibly large amount of energy and the water in our biocomputer plays an important role as information carrier/conductor and memory bank.

Quantum theory
Fortunately, as early as the 20th century, some pioneers decided to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, between matter and spirit, between the visible and the invisible. These pioneers were Max Planck, David Bohm and John Wheeler, physicists at Princeton University and direct colleagues of Albert Einstein. They were at the cradle of a revolutionary new science: quantum theory. It looks at both the nature and origin of a thought. To how it affects reality, what reality actually is and what it is made up of. David Bohm introduced in 1970 his holographic perception of our reality. It is based on a hypothesis that our world is located in a cosmic hologram, where the whole is embedded within every part. John Wheeler hypothesized a participatory universe, in which we are active participants. Nassim Haramein is a fascinating contemporary scientist who delves into our true origins and how our reality is constructed. In his Unified Theory he demonstrates that everything is one and therefore constantly interconnected.

Quantum theory is an entirely new science that aims to explain the very small: the quantum particles or the subatomic
world. Where Newton' s theory didn't seem to apply. Quantum theory shows that subatomic particles can be located in several places at the same time and at that time can be both a wave and an object in one fixed location. A decisive factor here is the observer. Both the perception in itself and the process of perception, in terms of feelings, thoughts and intentions. Not measured and not observed, these particles remain waves and are pure potential. Observed and measured, these particles take on a solid form and location.

A well-known and intriguing physics study that shows this quantum effect is the double-slit experiment. You can Google on double slit experiment for an animation video by Dr. Quantum. Matter in the form of marbles was directed towards a wall through a wall with two vertical slits in it. These created two vertical strips on the wall behind it. However, water, waving through these same slits, created an interference pattern that created many more strips on the wall behind it. However, when this experiment was carried out with electrons, i.e. matter at supersmall and thus quantum size, the same interference pattern was created and the particles behaved like waves. Several strips were created on the wall behind it. When this was then observed by the researchers or measured by equipment, they behaved as particles again and the two strips reappeared. Something actually exists only when it is perceived, so the observer is the creator, as it were. The more powerful the perception, the greater the effect.

Quantum reality is a multidimensional reality that extends beyond our sensory perception, where there is no body, matter or time. It's literally 'non-sensory': non-sens. In order to connect with this field, it is therefore important that you connect to that which is beyond your body, your current material world and linear time. Quantum theory is as it were an inner, subtle model in contrary to the Newtonian outer, dense and material model. This quantum model challenges us to let go of what we think we know, to surrender to the unknown and then to observe its manifestation as feedback in our lives. It is only in this final stage that our senses come into play again.

Quantum computer
In the meantime, computer technology has also entered this erratic, subatomic layer of reality with the introduction of the quantum computer.

As I indicated in my previous article, the driving force behind the current exponential growth in computer technology is the evolution of the transistor, the basis of the microprocessor: the so-called computer chip. Since its introduction in 1971, it has increased its processing and storage capacity at an utterly unprecedented rate, while at the same time becoming much smaller and substantially reducing its production costs. This has paved the way for immense computing powers from which several generations of computers have now emerged. All this paves the way for many current, exponential developments in the field of nanotechnology, quantum computing, genetic engineering, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, brain-computer and human-machine interfaces.

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