The Game of Life - Game on!

Yfke Laanstra

Since my child hood I’ve been fascinated by computers and I spent a lot of time at a friends house who had transformed a spare room to one big gaming utopia. It had the newest hardware and the coolest games, the room was filled with servers, game consoles and computer screens: I was thrilled!

My biggest fascination was Adventure Games. I also got a kick out of racing games in which the technique, the skills and the response time was essential and I turned it into a sport to find the fastest routes, finetuning my techniques, becoming even faster and more efficient: what a rush!

Life is but an adventure
Violent shooter games barely caught my attention. But the Adventure Games were my all time favorite. I could loose myself in these games for hours, like in Myst and its sequel Riven. The combination of the stunning graphics, the atmosphere, the complexity of the assignments and the exploration of these mysterious worlds….

Looking back it makes perfect sense why I felt so at home in these games: I realize more and more that this is exactly how I experience (my) life: as one big Adventure Game…

Go figure…. I find myself in a world, on a planet I don’t know, in which I have to (re)discover the laws (and I don’t mean the ones that are opposed upon us or that seem to govern this reality).
It is a journey I have to make myself. I’m encountering all kinds of characters along the way, that serve a certain purpose, as sign posts and carry important information for my journey. However, life is also filled with ‘supporting actors’ and it is up to me to distinguish the supporting actors from the key players, the ones that can contribute to my journey or those that are a mere distraction.

Hero’s Journey
Games, movies, stories, fairytales, myths….they all contain deeper layers in which we all recognize a deeper truth; most of the time without even being consciously aware of this.
It resonates deeply with the Hero’s Journey we all take, the mythical journey that leads us to our true potential, that activates the superhero in each of us.
In this Game of Life it is up to me to discover who I am, why I am here and what my purpose is. What topics do I need to study, what doors do I need to open, or rather leave closed. Which information I need to disclose, what puzzles I need to solve, secrets to unravel. I’m faced with challenges, challenged to take risks. What is it I need to open up to or not, with all its consequences.

The Next Level
After the completion of certain assignments, gaining certain insights, discovering puzzle pieces/ keys or the completion of a certain number of tasks you can gain access to a ‘next level’. And doors will open up to you that lead to other worlds, dimensions, realms and insights of which you didn’t even know they existed.
Or you’ll be unlocking certain skills that are seemingly supernatural: you gain access to extrasensory perception, telepathic communication skills, you can obtain information out of objects, get certain weapons, your consciousness level raises and you gain access to more and more covert, secret and hidden information that you can use to your advantage on your journey.

In this game it is mainly a combination of on the one hand using your brain, your ratio: collecting data, drawing conclusions, making logical connections or even solving mathematical calculations. On the other hand following your heart, your intuition, experiencing the landscape, the atmosphere, using your creativity, noticing the bigger picture and interacting with those who cross your path.

Game on
The graphics of the games of today are stunning and are less and less distinguishable of ‘real’ life, let’s say our 3D reality.
You used to play a game on a computer screen, nowadays you can put on 3D glasses like an Oculus Rift and become totally immersed in the game setting. Making it more difficult for your brain to distinguish what is ‘real’ and what isn’t (if we can manage to do so ourselves for that matter…;)).
3D glasses become helmets, helmets become suits and currently there are even 3D theme parks under construction.

Gaming by now is at a whole new level. What about your personal Game….?

Are you able to understand, grasp your own Game of Life, do you know who you are, what you are, what your purpose is, what the rules of the game are and what is ‘real’? Or did you get lost, did you loose track and are you wandering and wondering? Looking for insights, a sense of purpose?

Game on!

This reality is a hologram. The Universe is the computer and we are the characters in the video game of Life’

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