The radiance of the Heart

Yfke Laanstra
How fascinating it is that we can have such a great effect on each other, that there is so much exchange of information and energy and that there is so much taking place in the dimensions, which are invisible to our human eye.

So many energies move in, around and through our bodies and we are part of such a complex range of force and energy fields that our human brain cannot actually comprehend it.

How remarkable, then, is the continuing and primary focus of our science on the intelligence of our brain and our thinking. Developments around Artificial Intelligence focus on the brain and how we can increase our brain capacity. And don't get me wrong, our brain is a fascinating and incredibly valuable part of us being human, where would we be without our minds and our brains!

But when we think about intelligence, our physical and energetic heart is an incredibly intelligent and grand facet of who we are...

Ancient civilizations attributed many qualities to the heart: that of wisdom and insight, and the heart as a source of courage, hope and trust. And through time a lot of old knowledge and wisdom has disappeared into the background and attention has shifted to our brain, our mind, from a more technological and scientific perspective.

In the embryonic phase, the heart is the first to develop as an organ and starts to beat (about 20 days after conception) even before the brain is fully developed (about 90 days).

Scientific studies have shown that the heart signals danger before the brain. The brain uses logic and ratio but the heart signals much more and can feel what's coming. Recent research shows that there are more instructions moving from the heart to the brain than the other way around.

Electromagnetic interplay
Everything in our living universe has an electromagnetic radiation, the cosmos, the stars, our earth as well as our body, the plants, animals, food etc. We are living in an ocean of electromagnetic waves or frequencies and everything is connected and therefore interacting with each other. Nothing is isolated and the flapping of a butterfly's wing can have far-reaching consequences elsewhere on our planet (the so-called 'butterfly effect'). 

Our brainwaves, heart frequencies and the frequency of our earth are at best in perfect harmony (i.e. at the same frequency or wavelength, this is also called the Schumann resonance). Then there is a state of absolute well-being: a vital body, a clear mind and an open heart.
So you can imagine that technologies that emit electromagnetic radiation can directly influence our frequency and consequently our well-being, for better or for worse. We have now developed advanced technologies that stimulate heart coherence and guide our brainwaves to more harmonious frequencies. However, there are also technologies that disrupt our frequencies and consequently our resonance with the earth. Think of wireless internet (wifi), dect phones, TV, microwave, computer, smart phones, smart meters etc. This interference has a direct impact on our health and general well-being, and can cause discomfort and, in the worst case, illness. Depending on how sensitive you are to these frequencies.

This does not mean that you should by definition stay far away from it, but being aware of it will do no harm. There are many precautions that can be taken to neutralise the harmful effects of such devices. A proper grounding, a conscious connection with the earth, at least causes miracles to remove excess tension.

Heart and head in sync
Also, such devices often ensure that you remain in your head and that you are predominantly engaged with your left hemisphere, that of structure, logic and ratio. Activating beta brainwaves that keep you in a constant state of alertness or stress, which focuses your attention to the outside world. As a result, you will be less in touch with your intuition and creativity. For this reason, for example, I have selected a day a week when I am not 'online' and turn off my laptop, smart phone or tablet (Digital Detox Day). I then consciously focus my attention on the right hemisphere's activities such as: visualising, meditating, feeling, dreaming and writing. Meditation, for example through consciously bringing attention to your heart, stimulates alpha or even the theta brainwaves and generates deep relaxation, harmony and a connection with your inner world, your intuition.

In a state of optimal well-being, our brainwaves, heart frequencies and the earth frequency are in sync.

Solar flares are also a perfect example of forces that can have a strong influence on the electromagnetic fields in the universe. As soon as there are violent eruptions in the sun, highly sensitive people in particular can experience this as very disruptive as it affects and destabilises their own field in a very perceptible way.

The electromagnetic field of our heart stretches for many meters around our physical body and this field is considerably larger and stronger (ranging from 100 times electrically stronger to up to 5000 times magnetically stronger) than that of the brain. The heart is comprised of one unit and represents unity, the brain is comprised of two hemispheres and represents duality.

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