Future Imagineering

'Why do my eyes hurt?
Because you've never used them before.' 

~ The Matrix


~ 'Imagineering means being at the forefront of creation
by harnessing our inner technology of Imagination, mastering the art of Perception
and applying the limitless potential of AI & VR.

With the rise of computer technology and the advancement of scientific discoveries our reality is changing fast, and irreversibly. Borders disappear, boundaries dissolve. There is less and less distinction between what is original and what is synthetic. Between what is organic and what is artificial. Between what is analogue and what is virtual.

This begs these questions:

  • Are we conscious of the reality we find ourselves in today?
  • What is it comprised of?
  • How do we navigate it?

Maybe even more important, who are we as inhabitants of this reality to begin with? As a species. What does it truly mean to be Human? What is our true origin? Human with a capital 'H', not 'human' as depicted in our text books and as portrayed in the stories society wants us to believe. 

What about the 90% of our untapped brain capacity, the empty space between the atoms and the so-called 92% junk DNA contained within our genes? What is it we are actually capable of and are we using our full, innate potential? Are we truly aware of the power of our perception, our imagination, our creativity, our empathy, our kindness, our attention and our consciousness. The power of our bodies when we are fully present, embodying our true nature. Fully transparant, without the dark cloud of judgement.



AI and Quantum Supercomputers and synthetic biology are on the rise. But what about our Inner Technology? Are we paying equally as much attention to what is present inside of us, waiting to be (re)activated? Or are we focussing too much on what is happening around us; in our so called reality. Manipulation occurs through outside forces while transformation is an inside job, carried by the power of our heart and our awareness. As Quantum Theory states: we are creator beings through our conscious observation.

At the same time our theaters are being bombarded with superhero movies. Each next superhero is even more impressive and spectaculair than its predecessor. Former outcasts with powers seemingly from outside of this world. Powers that are innate, triggered through an event or enhanced through technology. Hollywood is the world leader in storytelling and It is the stories we tell ourselves that create our collective narrative and that in turn influence our perception of reality.

Today many scientists, engineers, philosophers and psychologists are on a high tech quest for the holy grail of humanity. The search for (digital) immortality, consciousness hacking, man-made evolution, space colonisation, super intelligence and artificial ascension. For gaining god-like powers through the use of computer technology. I call this the Artificial Hero's Journey.


'Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens'

~ Carl Jung


Let's embrace technology but not become it. 

My love for Humanity runs as deep as my love for Technology and I'm truly excited about the times we're living in. Technology will enable us to reach deeper, aim higher and go further than any human has ever been before. At the same time, this immense power of technology invites us to show our own immense power, as Human beings. It is absolute imperative that we activate this innate potential before we continue to join forces with technology. Then true synergy emerges.


Today, being Human is the biggest act of Heroism



Are you ready to answer this call to adventure in your own Hero's Journey? To uncover the Source Code, plug into your true nature, the nature of your reality and the significance of technology. Step out of your comfort zone, unlock new levels in your Game of Life and Imagineer your Future.