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Gaia is an inspiring and visionary online media channel which offers conscious content for those that dare to think outside of the box and move beyond the matrix. For those who long to do their own research and truth seeking about who we are, what we are and why we're on this beautiful planet.

Gaia consists of over 7000 interviews, containing original shows hosted by well known authors and speakers such as David Wilcock, George Noory and Regina Meredith and streams movies and documentaries about consciousness, health, yoga, spirituality and new science. New content is uploaded on a weekly basis for you to be streamed straight from your tv, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Do you want to raise your consciousness, discover who you truly are and how you can unleash your full potential? Then I invite you to become a member of Gaia. Click here for more info. You can become a member for only 9,95 dollar a month and get instant and 24/7 access to all conscious content. The first month is only 0,99 dollarcent, you can cancel each month. 

Missing Links

One of my favorite shows is 'Missing Links' hosted by Gregg Braden, author of 'The Divine Matrix' and member of the steering committee of HeartMath. This serie is an excellent introduction to our true evolution and the nature of our reality: a definite must-see.