Are we going to let Silicon Valley determine our future, where data, (artificial) intellect and exponential growth are leading? Or are we going to follow our heart, stay true to ourselves and put our Humanity first?
Welcome to Soulvalley, there were technology is of service to your Soul.

Silicon Valley represents the hard core, the central nervous system of the High Tech world. Where bits and bytes and intellect are used to artificially initiate humanity's next, perhaps last, evolutionary stage. Towards a post-human phase, in a gradual fusion of man and machine. Where data is the new religion and where we consider ourselves as gods, who with the help of technology are capable of manipulating its own evolution and programming its (collective) brain.

Soulvalley represents the heart of Humanity. The place where we are aware of our true origin and are able to look through the (binary) veils of illusion. Where we recognize and acknowledge the power of nature and are truly connected to ourselves and the world around us. Where we know deep inside that we do not need to be fixed or upgraded to ensure our survival as a species. Where we cherish our human abilities to love, be present, aware and empathic. Where we embrace our creativity, sensitivity and imagination. Where we are fully human instead of (part) machine and in where technology is of service.


Soulvalley's mainframe, the digital starting and meeting point of this journey, is located within an online platform called Soulvalley Academy. This is freely accessible. In here you can read about my experiences, check out all my articles, online programs, inspiring videos and get access to the private Facebook group. Discover lost data and boost your consciousness. Be inspired to create a different perspective on the implications and applications of exponential computer technologies. Stay informed about my live meetups, (nature) events, lectures and products. You can join both online and offline. All this within a secure, password protected, zone. Zooming in on topics like:

#Artificial Intelligence(AI),
Man vs Machine,
Organic Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence,
Mind vs Heart,
Biology vs Technology,
Mind Control etc.

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